10 Top Tips for Mens Diet and Fitness

By Luka E

We’re here to give you some cold hard facts, and the solution to a healthier lifestyle. According to research, about 35 million men in the US are categorized as obese, and less than 50% of them spend over 10 minutes on rigorous activities. You are what you eat, and the activities you choose to enjoy have a big impact on your health and your children’s health choices. 

Follow these top tips to guide you in forming healthy habits and making them a part of your daily life. Keeping up with these habits could increase your life and will certainly improve it.

Add Variety to Your Fitness Routines

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Variety is beneficial for the mind and body. It keeps the body from getting too used to an activity and building patterns, as well as giving us a good dose of motivation. Try mixing up cardio with strength training, martial arts, sports, or yoga.

Get a Fitness Buddy

It always helps to have an accountability partner to make sure you stay on track, stick to your routines, and maintain healthy habits. You can keep each other motivated and push each other towards greatness.

Read Food Labels

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It’s important to keep your nutrition in check. Avoid foods with trans-fats and processed sugars and aim to get as many fresh foods in as possible. Be sure you enjoy the healthy foods you choose to eat, or the habits won’t stick! If you like spinach but don’t like iceberg lettuce, well, the choice is obvious.

Keep Cardio Simple

Running is an excellent cardio workout. You can start slowly, alternating between running and walking, as you build your fitness. You could take other steps to take the stairs instead of the lift or walk briskly wherever you go. 

We wish you luck in integrating these great fitness tips into your routine! You’re certain to start seeing the changes in no time.