10 Awesome Must-Try Extreme Winter Sports

By Luka E

Winter has become an exhilarating time of the year for fans of extreme sports. Winter’s extreme sports are some of the most dangerous because of the harsh weather and terrain, so it’s important to choose the right locations and use high-quality equipment. If you’re a thrill-seeker, always on the search for the next exciting hobby, check out this list of the most epic extreme winter sports!

Snow Kiting

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Snow kiting is like kite-boarding, using the kite power to slide around on snowy terrains. It’s a high-energy sport and builds a lot of heat, so you should always wear enough layers to ensure you’re protected from the icy wind.

Ice Yachting

This is a great sport to try with friends. Ice yachts are with blades attached to the bottom, allowing them to slide across the ice at high speeds. Participants usually practice for races, and the sport is most popular in Canada, Sweden, Norway, the Gulf of Finland, and the US.

Snow Kayaking 

This trendy winter sport combines the excitement of snowboarding, kayaking, and speed riding. You use a 2-bladed paddle to help keep you upright, and, of course, helmets and eyewear are necessary to protect you from the ice and water spray.

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Snocross is an enjoyable racing sport that’s gaining a lot of popularity. Participants navigate all kinds of obstacles, such as tight turns, jumps, and other difficult hurdles. During a race, snowmobilers reach speeds of up to 60 miles/h, and some of the tallest jumps are as high as 30 ft.